Prof Shares How A Student Got Him A Mechanical Chalk Holder As He Disliked Dust On His Fingers

A teacher-student relationship is a sacred bond, among the most precious connections in existence. Students are willing to go to great lengths to bring joy to their mentors, while teachers invest their all to witness their students’ triumphs. Even years after graduation, former pupils fondly recall their educators, maintaining ties and offering support in times of need. Teachers possess a remarkable capacity to shape lives, their influence enduring far beyond the classroom.

Masoud, an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Davis, took to X to share how a student noticed that he doesn’t like getting chalk on his hands and uses napkins to hold chalk. So, the student got him a mechanical chalk holder so he wouldn’t get chalk dust on his fingers, making it much more seamless and enjoyable for him to write on the board.

Have a look at his post here:

Several people online couldn’t get over what wonderful students Masoud has. They are incredibly thoughtful and loving. It’s not only the teachers who make life easier for students. Sometimes, it is the other way round as well.

Such relationships transcend the tides of time!

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