Guy Shares How Moving To The US Significantly Improved His Mental Health, Others Agree

You might have heard this thing before, but keeping the mind occupied is paramount for maintaining good mental health. Engaging in physical activities or completing tasks around the house not only occupies the hands but also quiets the mind. Staying busy can significantly keep off negative thoughts and reduce stress in many individuals, be it exercising, gardening, or tidying up the house.

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A guy named Abhirath Batra took to X to share how his mental health has significantly improved after he moved to the US, as he is back to using his hands. He is now doing everything around the house on his own – cooking, washing and vacuuming. His mind is calm. Busy hands keep the mind quiet, he said.

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“My mental health has improved by miles the moment I moved to the US because I’m back to using my hands I’m cooking, washing dishes, vacuuming and before I know it my mind is calm and I’m humming a song. I have been the happiest building the massive load of IKEA deliveries today. ‘Busy hands, quiet mind’.”

Have a look at his post here:

Several people online agreed with what he had to say, highlighting how even the most mundane chores send the mind into a more meditative state. Completing tasks around the house also tends to give you a sense of accomplishment. It is a therapeutic outlet, keeping the hands busy.

Here’s a look at some of the responses to his post:

This is how a person finds peace and tranquillity in everyday life.

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