Indians Slam Rishi Sunak For Celebrating Winston Churchill Who Caused The Bengal Famine In 1943

The tragedy of the Bengal Famine in 1943 casts a sombre shadow over the pages of history, which has the Churchill-era British policies to blame for its occurrence. As the world grappled with the turmoil of World War II, over 3 million people died in Bengal because Winston Churchill relentlessly diverted Bengal’s resources to fuel the war effort elsewhere.

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Even in the face of widespread starvation, Churchill persisted in the exportation of Bengal’s vital food supplies, callously disregarding the plight of its people. Adding to this tragedy, Winston Churchill’s response to the famine was that of sheer indifference. He condemned the people of Bengal for “breeding like rabbits”, shifting the blame from his own policies to the victims.

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Fast forward to recent times, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin, took to X to write how the world owes an “enormous debt” to Winston Churchill for defeating Nazism and freeing Europe from tyranny.  He unwittingly reopened wounds long festering in the collective memory of the Indian populace.

Sunak’s post ignited a swift and passionate response from Indians and people across the globe who were quick to remind him of Churchill’s deplorable wartime actions. There is no doubt about the fact that Churchill was racist and if he were alive today, he wouldn’t even have spared Rishi Sunak with his remarks.

Winston Churchill might be hailed as a “hero” by his own people, but the scars of his past injustices still linger.

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