Woman Calls Delhi ‘Boring’ As There Are No Hikes Or Trails, Delhiites Give Recommendations

The beauty of Delhi being a city full of rich cultural heritage is that every street has a story to tell. You can explore its marvels by simply walking around the neighbourhoods or booking an autorickshaw. Stroll through the bustling markets of Chandni Chowk, visit the majestic Red Fort, or marvel at the India Gate. Each corner of Delhi tells a story, from the historic Qutub Minar to the serene Lotus Temple. The city is dotted with gardens, museums, and ancient monuments, offering countless places to visit.

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Hence, when a woman named Yukti claimed that Delhi is boring because there are no water bodies, trails, hikes and places to stroll around, people living in Delhi took offence. Because there is so much more to Delhi than just the food.

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Responding to the post, several people online listed all the fun things that one can do in and around Delhi. Instead of hikes, one can go to heritage, history and nature walks. There are incredible monuments to visit, markets to shop from, street food to eat and what not! Have a look:

Whether you wander on foot or take a ride in a colourful autorickshaw, Delhi’s charm is sure to captivate you.

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