Samsung Takes Direct Dig At Apple’s iPad Pro ‘Crush’ Ad By Releasing New Ad Named ‘Uncrush’

Recently, Apple Inc. released an advertisement named ‘Crush’ to announce the launch of the new iPad Pro 2024. But the advertisement was received with immense criticism on social media with celebrities like Hugh Grant, Hrithik Roshan and Adnan Sami calling it out. Why? Because the ad showed instruments, art supplies, typewriters, and other creative tools being smashed under a hydraulic press, out of which came the sleek iPad Pro.

However, Samsung – Apple’s number one competitor – released a new advertisement for their latest product Galaxy Tab S9 series which is a direct dig at Apple’s ad for iPad Pro. The advertisement is named ‘Uncrush’ and it shows the aftermath of all the creative tools being crushed.

A woman walks in and finds a discarded guitar on the floor. She picks it up and starts playing the instrument, looking at guitar notes from a Samsung Galaxy Tab kept in front of her. Their message, unlike Apple’s, is more appropriate – that technology and creativity can go hand in hand. Technology need not erase traditional tools of artistic expression.

“We would never crush creativity,” the caption for the advertisement read.

Have a look at the advertisement here:

What a direct and competitive attack!

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