Desis Remember The Golden Days When Google Pay Used To Give Cashback & Not Vouchers

Once upon a time, Google Pay used to make us feel like the urban rich. Be it a rupee or a hundred, we looked forward to cashback – a thing that used to be given away in dozens back in the day. It was either extra money or “better luck next time” but there was definitely no in-between. There were some who were god’s favourite children, who received an obscene amount in cashback.

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Nowadays, more than cashback, we get vouchers for various electronic, makeup and shopping brands. We are swimming in pointless Skullcandy and Minimalist vouchers. A user on X expressed their gross disappointment in Google Pay saying that the cashback was our small moments of happiness.

Drowning in nostalgia, several people online added to her post and remembered the times when Google Pay loved to spread happiness (read: free cash). Some even shared screenshots of huge cashback they once got from the app. Have a look:

Oh Google Pay, bring back the cash and save us from this musical madness! We just want our rupees.

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