Woman Wants ₹50 Lakh Compensation After Restaurant Sends Chicken Tikka Sandwich & Not Paneer

A large section of the Indian population is vegetarian – some by choice and some owing to their birth. It isn’t just a dietary choice here. It’s a cultural phenomenon deeply ingrained in tradition and spirituality. Some people would go as far as to not even set foot in a restaurant that serves non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. Some people also carry their own utensils. For millions of Indians, being vegetarian goes beyond simply avoiding meat. It’s about honouring age-old customs and they are highly committed to it.

A woman named Nirali from Ahmedabad is vegetarian by choice. She placed an order at a restaurant for paneer tikka sandwich. When the food arrived, she took two bites and realised that the sandwich had chicken in it.

Stating how the chicken caused severe damage to her being, Nirali has filed a complaint against the restaurant. According to NDTV, the Food Department has imposed a Rs 5,000 fine against the restaurant but Nirali isn’t happy with it.

“The incident was very dreadful and it can’t be reversed. Rs 5,000 fine is not enough and I will go to the consumer court. I could’ve asked for more (referring to the Rs 50 lakh compensation) but even that wouldn’t have served justice to what I felt,” she said.

Here’s a video of her narrating the incident:

However, several people online found the incident ridiculously dramatic. Calling it a “publicity stunt”, many accused her of extorting an obscene amount of money over an insignificant issue. Here’s what some of them said:

What are your views regarding this incident?

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