This Is Business: Delhi Shop Offers Customers To Pay With ₹2000 Note & Get Items Worth ₹2100

During a country-wide crisis, there are some businesses that shut down and there are some that thrive and boom. For example, during the pandemic, there were many shops, gymnasiums and restaurants that shut down because people were unable to visit them. But those offering home delivery and online classes boomed. It is said that a true businessperson identifies a crisis and turns it into an opportunity.

Here’s an example. The government of India recently announced that they will be pulling away the ₹2000 currency notes. Those who still possess ₹2000 notes can deposit them into their bank accounts or exchange them for other denomination notes. The time limit given for this task is till September 30, 2023.

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While a lot of people are thronging petrol pumps and jewellery shops, alongside banks, a meat shop in Delhi’s GTB Nagar came up with a superb business plan. They are offering items worth ₹2100 in exchange for ₹2000 notes.

They put up a huge notice outside their shop with two Rs 2000 notes stuck on them and wrote, “Give us Rs. 2000 Note and Take Goods of Rs. 2100 from Sardar, a Pure Meat Shop, G.T.B Nagar.”

Here’s a look:

The picture was posted by the National Secretary of the Confederation of All India Traders, Sumit Agarwal who wrote, “What an innovative way to increase your sales!”

Several people online lauded the Delhi shop for its business sense and for coming up with such a good plan. Here’s what some of them said:

Crisis for some, an opportunity for others!

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