Balenciaga Does It Again, Comes Up With Towel-Skirt Priced At ₹77K

‘Luxury’ garbage bags, worn-out shoes, pishwis and blanket bags – Balenciaga never fails to make regular middle-class things ‘fashionable’ and make the ultra-rich people want it. It’s like the rich will consciously purchase something that we middle-class people have been using for generations and make a style statement out of it. This time, the luxury brand has taken things to another level altogether.

They have come up with a towel skirt! Yes, Balenciaga has taken a grey-coloured bath towel and turned it into a skirt – something which people have been doing for years anyway.

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Balenciaga is calling this piece of clothing a “Towel Skirt in beige terry cotton from look 30 of Balenciaga’s Spring 24 Collection” and is selling it for Rs 77,000 (925 USD), according to Moneycontrol.

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On the brand’s website, it is mentioned that the item is 100% cotton, unisex, mid-waist and has two buttons on the waistline inside. The brand logo is embroidered on the front and it is made in Italy.

Balenciaga never fails to top the kind of ‘bizarre’ clothing items and accessories it came up with in previous years.

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