Balenciaga’s ‘Blanket Bags’ Costing Over ₹2 Lakh Remind Desis Of The Humble ‘Kambal’

After Twitter recently reacted to Louis Vuitton’s ‘luxury’ face shield with gold studs worth Rs. 70,000, there is another bizarre and expensive accessory that has come up by another high-end brand.

As per a report in NDTV, luxury brand Balenciaga has come up with its latest designer Blanket Square handbags priced $3,000 (₹2,21,079 approx.). This is the cost just for the handbag, without a blanket in it.

The Balenciaga website currently shows the Blanket Sqaure XL bags as sold out.

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Desi Twitter couldn’t help but hilariously compare it to their kambal bags kept at their homes. Check out some of the funny reactions:-

While the floral-printed kambals kept at my home smells like mothballs, it is still better than buying one worth lakhs. What do you think of this new collection of totes from the brand? Tell us!

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