Balenciaga Is Selling ‘Shopper Bags’ For ₹1.5 Lakhs, Desis Say, ‘Ye Toh Pishwi Hai’

In the past, luxury brands have often been known to seek ‘inspiration’ from all things desi and launch ridiculously overpriced items. Remember the Balenciaga ‘blanket bags’ that resembled desi kambals? Well, this time around it appears the brand was inspired by the humble desi ‘pishwi’.

A staple in most Maharashtrian homes like mine, pishwi is a bag much like this one most often used by my grandparents when they go sabzi shopping. However, Balenciaga is offering these in a few different colours for the whopping price of $2090, which is approximately Rs 1,54,903!

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Well, soon as the brand launched these East-West Shopper bags, Indians were quick to point out the similarities with desi bags that can usually be bought for Rs 100-200 from local markets. Take a look-

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