Bengaluru Man Distributes Water Bottles To Traffic Cops Every Day To Beat The Heat

In India, summers can be scorching, with temperatures soaring high and the sun blazing down mercilessly. During this time, traffic police officers are required to work tirelessly under the relentless heat, risking their lives to ensure smooth traffic flow and safety on the roads.

Temperatures are already soaring in the city of Bengaluru and the traffic police officers are directing vehicles and pedestrians with unwavering dedication. However, one man makes sure that the cops hydrate properly. So every day, he rides his scooty, goes to the traffic cops and hands them over a bottle of water each to beat the heat.

A City Police Warden in Bengaluru named Shree Ram Bishnoi shared a video of the man who was seen riding an Activa and handing over water bottles to traffic cops.

A user on X identified the man and revealed that his name is Syed Mujeeb and he works as a real estate agent.

Several people online lauded the man for his kind-hearted gesture and claimed that it is because of people like him that our society is thriving. Showering immense love on him, here’s what some of them said:

Kudos to the man for his noble work!

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