Indians Talk About Living Alone & How Important It Is For One To Be Truly Independent

One doesn’t become truly independent unless they live alone. It is only then that you are completely responsible for your own life – in sickness and in health. It is significantly liberating – cooking your own meals, cleaning your surroundings, decorating your space just how you like it, taking care of yourself when you are sick, and addressing every big or small crisis that happens in your house from a leaking tap to a broken sofa. You are not answerable to anyone and you can just be.

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Although liberating, living alone can come with its own set of challenges – the supreme of them all being loneliness. Somedays when you come back to an empty home, have no one else to wake up to or share your dinner with, it can get on your nerves. But just like everything else, living alone comes with its own ups and downsides.

People online on X have been talking about living alone after a woman named Gayatri shared how people who live alone fascinate her.

“I often wonder how it feels like cooking for just one, giving human names to your music playlists and finding fallback friends online who fill in the crevices of loneliness with empty or deep talks,” she wrote.

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She went on to add, “Sleeping alternatively on each side of the bed on simultaneous days to keep the sheets warm. Have no one to share breakfast with and occasional someone to share dinner and a night cap with. Who does their bedsheets smell of, besides their own odour? Does the bathroom rack with one toothbrush and a toothpaste call each other companions? On their sick days, who kisses their burning eyes, with a promise of a better tomorrow?”

She asked people online how it feels to live alone. Have a look at her post here:

There were many people online who responded to her post by sharing their own experiences of living alone. While some expressed that it is mandatory, especially for women, to live alone for some time in their lives just to know how independently they can live, others said that living alone can be very lonely for some.

Have a look at some of the responses here:

Are you someone who can or wants to live alone? Share with us!

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