Vadodara Man Goes To Drop Wife At Station, Gets Stuck In Vande Bharat & Travels With Her

Getting accustomed to the Vande Bharat Express might take us a hot minute because, let’s face it, we’re seasoned pros at the old-school train game. Back in the day, hopping on and off trains mid-departure was a breeze, thanks to that friendly conductor who’d give you a hand or a nod. But now, with this sleek, futuristic wonder, you gotta stay sharp! One second you’re chatting with your buddy on the platform, and the next, whoosh! The doors shut, and off you zoom at super-sonic speeds.

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This is something that happened to an uncle, whose daughter took to X (formerly Twitter) to narrate the hilarious incident. She revealed that her mother was travelling via the Vande Bharat Express from Vadodara to Mumbai for the first time.

Naturally, her father went to drop her on the train. He made sure that her luggage was kept inside and his wife was settled.

But then the automatic doors closed shut and before he could realise it, he was stuck inside the train and it started moving. When he approached the TC, he was told that it was too late for the train to stop.

As a result, both husband and wife had to travel together. Uncle ji had to get down at the next stop in Surat and cut a return ticket to Vadodara. What’s even more hilarious is that he was still in his night clothes!

When travelling via the Vande Bharat Express, keep those eyes peeled and those steps brisk, folks! 😛

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