Woman’s Pune-Bengaluru Flight Costs ₹3.5K But Cab From Bengaluru Airport To Home Costs ₹2K

Those who have never lived or travelled to Bengaluru will never understand the pain of booking a cab from Bengaluru airport to your destination somewhere in the city. Sometimes, flight tickets between two different cities cost less than the cab fare from Bengaluru airport to the city. It may start from Rs 800 to Rs 900 and then move on to Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000, and that’s not even the maximum limit.

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For example, a woman named Manasvi Sharma took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how her flight fare from Pune to Bengaluru was Rs 3,500 but her cab fare from Bengaluru airport to her home was Rs 2,000.

Sharing the above screenshot from the app, here is what she posted online:

However, this wasn’t new information for frequent travellers. While some found this relatable, others suggested taking the bus from the airport which cost way less than cabs. Here’s a look at some of the reactions online:

This is way too much money to spend in return for the superb weather in the city! 😛

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