Finance Company Ad Asks Men To Buy Own House So Girls Can Marry Them, Gets Slammed Online

Despite dowry being illegal in India, the evil practice still exists in various parts of the country. Often, it is disguised in the form of ‘gifts’ or ‘stability’. Even though the groom’s family asking for dowry from the bride’s side is something that is highlighted more often, there are way too many cases of things going the other way round.

For example, often the bride’s side of the family looks for a groom who comes from a wealthy background, earns a substantial amount of salary, has a house of his own, owns a car, etc. Many men are forced to take loans in order to buy property to become more eligible for marriage.

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This has been heavily highlighted by a newspaper advertisement by GIC Housing Finance Ltd which is being shared online. The ad contains a picture of a distraught woman and reads, “He wants to marry my daughter and doesn’t even own a house.”

The ad targets bachelors and lures them with the opportunity to become a “prospective mate”.

Several people online slammed the advertisement for promoting dowry and regressiveness. Some even expressed how such a mindset is sadly prevalent in our society.

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We often fail to recognize the unrealistic pressures society puts on men who are of marriageable age. Instead of wanting a potential groom with his own house, why not let both the man and woman work towards building their dream home?

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