Dowry Or Seed Money? People React To Startup Owner Asking Woman For Dowry

The practice of dowry is illegal in India but it still finds a way in many desi marriages. For instance, a man previously narrated the story of his US-educated, successful male friend asking for dowry, and how a bold bride from Bihar canceled her wedding after the groom’s family made dowry demands.

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Now, another woman shared her experience of being asked for dowry in an arranged marriage set up. The suitor owned a startup of his own, which made her hilariously wonder if it was actually dowry or seed money he needed to raise for his business.

Here’s how people responded:

  1. A man questioned her asking that she could’ve been a “richer wife” if his startup worked. And she gave an apt response.

2. Others hilariously poked fun at the suitor.

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3. People also pointed out how the practice of dowry is very much prevalent in society.

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4. Some users shared their own experiences.

Let’s just all collectively say no to dowry! What are your views on this situation? Tell us.

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