Woman Reveals Her BF Justified Dowry Saying It Will Help His Parents, Desis Say ‘Leave Him’

Despite dowry being illegal in India, the evil practice is prevalent in various parts of the country. Dowry is also one of the reasons why female infanticide is still rampant. And while some of us may think that only people belonging to rural India practice it, there are many ‘modern’ people who still demand dowry.

For example, a woman recently took to Reddit to reveal how her boyfriend of 6 years believed in dowry and justified it by saying that the money would help his parents during their retirement.

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“I recently had a discussion with my BF of 6 years that left me very concerned. Our marriage discussion was brought up and I told him I was not comfortable with the concept of dowry as it feels like the bride is being given away in a business transaction. His take on the whole thing was that the given dowry would help his parents with the wedding arrangements and also with their retirement.”

The woman further revealed that her boyfriend comes from a lower-middle-class family while she is well-to-do and earns more than him.

“To give a little background, he comes from a lower-middle-class family and he has a little sister to be married after him. I was raised by a single mom and we are relatively well off because she is an educated woman with a big job. I earn 4x more than my BF.”

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She further revealed how she suggested a small wedding and is willing to help his family financially after marriage.

“I am comfortable with a small wedding without burdening any side of the family. I also suggested we pay for the wedding ourselves. I am also comfortable helping his family with anything as it will become my family after the marriage. The only thing I am not comfortable with is giving dowry at the time of marriage.”

Have a look at her full post here:

My BF justifies dowry from india

People online responded to the post by warning the woman of a massive red flag. While some emphasized that dowry is illegal, others said that the guy and his family would keep asking for financial favours even after marriage.

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A few also pointed out how he is regressive and patriarchal.

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Coming from a lower-middle-class family doesn’t justify asking for dowry, some said.

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This goes on to show how many women and their families are manipulated into giving dowry at the time of marriage. Such regressive practices should have no place in a progressive society. What are your views on this issue? Tell us.

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