Bihar Guy Says He Doesn’t Need Dowry, Will Marry For Free, Asks Interviewer To Marry Him

Pados wali aunty: Beta, shaadi nahi karna hai?
Me: Karna hai par koi toh mile!

Many people might find this relatable. You see, social media and dating apps were supposed to make dating easier. Instead, you will find many, MANY people who, despite 21st-century advancements, can’t score themselves a date!

The same seems to be the case with one guy from Bihar who wants to get married but can’t find anybody! In a video that has now gone viral online, a journalist can be seen interviewing the Bihari guy about dowry.

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The guy alleges that no one wants to get married without getting dowry despite laws being made against the evil practice. Then he goes on to say something hilarious to the journalist when she asks him, “Aap dahej leke shaadi karoge?”

“Hum toh free mein shaadi karenge. Kariyega aap?”

He literally asks her to marry him! Have a look at the video here:

People online are sharing a good laugh and lauding Bihari guys for their confidence level!

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Several rejections instil a “Jo hoga dekha jayega, karke toh dekh” attitude in many, it seems!

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