Woman Gets Rid Of 3 Stalkers By Going Up To A Complete Stranger & Giving Him A Big Hug

Women are always cautious and alert of their surroundings especially when they are alone. Because when faced with dangerous situations, they have to think on their feet to escape unscathed.

In the past, women have pretended to be infected with the coronavirus, requested a cab driver to act as a boyfriend and gone up to a group of women they didn’t know to get rid of creepy men.

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Recently, a man recounted a similar incident when a woman travelling alone at night gave him a big hug because 3 guys were following her and needed help.

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The good samaritan did have a moment of hesitation but quickly caught up to the situation and walked her home. He also revealed that his being outside, in that area, was a complete coincidence.

They exchanged numbers and the woman, her son and her mother couldn’t thank the stranger enough for being her guardian angel.

The man further added that he was a counselor and felt deeply about how unsafe women were and how his first instinct was to doubt her intentions.

People (both men and women) lauded the kind man for being a true hero. Check it out.

It is indeed unfortunate that this is an incident many women have faced, don’t you think? But it helps to know that there are still helpful people around in times of need.

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