Vinod Kambli Loses Cool After Twitter Tags Him In Wishes For Late Vinod Khanna

Call it fate or just how Twitter works, names and tags can go haywire after a point! Remember when #UninstallSnapchat was trending and people vented it out on Snapdeal? Or the time Sonu Sood couldn’t figure out the angry tweets he woke up to? Or the time Anil Kumble made a boo-boo and congratulated Sagarika Ghose, a journalist instead of Sagarika Ghatge on her engagement with Zaheer Khan!

Well, again, call it coincidence or JUST HOW TWITTER WORKS, Vinod Kambli recently lost his sleep after he was tagged in obituary posts, after the demise of legendary actor, Vinod Khanna! 

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It all started when a Twitter user tagged the wrong Vinod and wrote condolences along with it! The user later deleted the tweet when other Tweeple started pointing out the obvious mistake! 


But seems like he wasn’t the only one! Many made the mistake (or intentional mistake) of wishing eternal peace for Kambli! 

1.Confused? So am I!


2. He got the profession right but vital signs wrong!


3. *facepalm*


4. WHAT?


5. Again, WHAT?!


Now, this was enough to wrong Kambli the wrong way. The former cricketer then took to Twitter to school trolls! 


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Well, in his defence who would like people telling them to rest in peace? Moreover, when matters like life and death are associated, goof ups like these are far from being funny!