Sonu Nigam’s Controversial Rant Lands Up Sonu Sood In Trouble And Twitter Is Having A Ball!

For the past couple of days, Snapdeal’s having a huge identity crisis after people started uninstalling the app because Snapchat CEO (Evan Spiegel) was alleged to have quoted India a poor country. In a snap, things took a different turn. #UninstallSnapchat started trending and misguided Indians who didn’t know the full story started uninstalling Snapdeal. #SnapStory

Today Sonu Nigam was on a Twitter rant about the morning azaan and like always netizens are having their share of fun. And, started trolling Sonu Sood.

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A Twitter user in Snapchat-Snapdeal accord said in a jest,

Oh, boy! It came true and Twitter was having a ball.


A rather confused Sonu had a hilarious response.


To end his confusion, people started responding,

1. This girl explained things to him.


2. People empathised.


3. Some desi fun.


4. And, some muhawaras.


5. Seems complicated!


6. Simple, right?


7. Sleep is the best solution. Anyday.


8. That brand deal.


Looks like Shilpa Rathnam can predict future. πŸ˜‰

Uh-oh! That was something!