Anil Kumble Goofs Up While Congratulating Zaheer Khan, Gets Bowled On Twitter!

When Yuvraj Singh got married to Bollywood star Hazel Keech last year, the grand wedding celebrations were attended by a number of Indian cricket stars. Former Indian speedster, Zaheer Khan was seen at the function too, with his rumoured girlfriend and Bollywood actress, Sagarika Ghatge.

Since then, Sagarika and Zaheer’s relationship invited a lot of speculations and on Monday, the ‘Delhi Daredevils’ skipper put an end to them all.

Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge took to Twitter to announce their engagement by posting pictures and cheeky messages.

As soon as the message spread, congratulations came floating from all over. But, just like the recent Snapchat-Snapdeal and Sonu Nigam-Sonu Sood fiasco, Twitter got confused again.


Former Indian skipper and Zaheer’s teammate, Anil Kumble mistakenly tagged journalist, Sagarika Ghose instead of Sagarika Ghatge on his congratulatory tweet.

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And it was not just Kumble who goofed-up. Zaheer’s IPL team, ‘Delhi Daredevils’ did the same mistake too.

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Finding herself tagged at the wrong places, Sagarika Ghose gave a funny reply.


Soon, Anil Kumble corrected his mistake and tagged the right Sagarika in his tweet.


And, so did Delhi Daredevils.


The Daredevils twitter handle posted an apology tweet too.

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Meanwhile, Twitter did what it does best. Hilarious reactions popped all over after the goof-up.

1. True that 


2. Yup, Monday blues are the worst


3. Oh no!


4. Pretty apt


5. Aha!

Oh internet, you never fail to amuse. 😀

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