Angry Indian Cricket Fans Send Rape Threats To Travis Head’s Wife & Infant Daughter

Truth be told, Indian cricket fans are not very graceful in the face of defeat. Every time team India has lost a match or underperformed, their social media accounts have been bombarded with threats against them and their families. Remember the times when Anushka Sharma received tremendous hate because Virat Kohli’s performance on the field was average? Or when their daughter Vamika received rape threats for the same?

The same is happening now with the wife and infant daughter of Travis Head. Angry Indians stormed Head’s Instagram pictures of his wife and daughter and left rape threats and harassing comments after India lost to Australia at the World Cup 2023 finals.


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In the finals, Travis Head stood steady as a rock on the pitch and performed phenomenally well for Team Australia. He went on to score a century and became the sixth man, and third from Australia, to score a century in a Cricket World Cup final.

Here’s a look at some of the comments the above picture is getting on Instagram:

A lot of people online were shocked by this and slammed the people who are leaving such dangerous and distasteful comments under Head’s family pictures. Here’s what people are saying:

How incredibly disgraceful!

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