This Needs To Stop: Anushka Sharma Yet Again Blamed For Team India’s Loss At WTC Finals

Back in 2015, the Indian cricket team lost to Australia at the ICC Cricket World Cup. However, instead of the cricketers and the team’s then-coach Ravi Shastri, millions of cricket fans took their frustration and threw it at Virat’s then-girlfriend and now-wife, Anushka Sharma. The amount of hate and social media trolling that she had to go through was downright disgusting. She was blamed for the team’s loss and Virat’s poor performance. And since then, every time team India loses a match or Virat’s form is poor while she is present in the stadium, she is harassed online.


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Once again, Anushka Sharma was on the receiving end of social media trolling and hateful comments after India’s loss in the World Test Championship final against Australia on Sunday. Out of the many hateful comments, one comment really angered people online and that’s this one where a person named Pradipsinh Solanki requested her to no longer attend the matches.

The man was both slammed and schooled on Twitter after many came to Anushka’s defence. First, to blame a woman for a man’s performance and not hold the entire team accountable for the loss is downright sexist. Secondly, people felt sorry for the women in his life for even they might be blamed for the man’s incompetence.

Have a look at some of the responses here:

This kind of harassment that Anushka has to endure every time team India performs poorly at a match needs to stop.

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