Bengaluru Woman Calls Technician To Install Water Purifier, Gets Sexually Harassed At Home

A 30-year-old woman in Bengaluru had called for a technician to reinstall a water purifier at her house. The service provider sent a technician to her house who arrived at 5 PM. After 15 minutes, he asked the woman to switch the main switch off. The woman was alone at the house.

According to Moneycontrol, the woman was doing some chores inside the kitchen. While she was busy with the chores, the technician sneaked in from behind and sexually harassed her. Despite the woman yelling at him and threatening him with dire consequences, the man did not stop and kept touching her inappropriately.

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The woman went on to push the man out of the kitchen and locked herself in. Her phone was inside the kitchen, she called a friend who lived nearby and asked for help. All this while, the man kept standing near the window, waiting for the woman to get out of the kitchen.

When the friend arrived, he confronted the technician who, in return, attacked him. The friend, with the help of a stick, overpowered him. The technician, who started bleeding, fled the spot while leaving his equipment behind.

The woman lodged a complaint against the technician at the local police station. Police officials got in touch with the service provider company and got the technician’s details. After calling his number and getting no response, they traced his family members who informed them that he hadn’t come back home after duty.

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A case has been filed against him and an investigation is ongoing.

Such is the condition of women living alone in big cities in India. Companies fail to do a thorough background check on employees before hiring them and it is very easy for sexual predators to abscond after committing a crime.

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