People Around The World Are Taking The #Trashtag Challenge And Here’s How You Can Too!

Social media and viral challenges are best buddies. They are always together, hand in hand, inviting us to join in on all the fun. At the start of the year, there was the #10YearChallenge which had us comparing photos from 2009 to 2019. Then came the hilarious ‘fake a plane ride‘ challenge and the ‘Koala challenge‘ which tested our fitness and flexibility.

Now, the #Trashtag challenge is taking over the internet and we couldn’t be happier.

Essentially, the challenge consists of taking a ‘before’ photo of an area that is littered. Then cleaning up the area to take an ‘after’ shot. And finally posting both these pictures side by side on social media indicating that you have successfully completed it.

According to TIME Magazine, originally, the idea was brought forward way back in 2015 by a company named UCO. They introduced ‘The Trashtag Project’ by asking everyone to clean up while on outdoor trips and win some prizes.

It got a new lease of life recently with this Facebook post.

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Over the weekend, many people took up the challenge and shared their efforts to inspire even more of us to do the same. Some picked up plastic items strewn on the beach while others cleaned up their camping sites.

Here are 15 pictures of the viral challenge that’ll make you want to participate too.















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Присоединяемся к челленджу #trashtag , фото с уборки 9.09.18 года. Фоток с конкретного места «до и после» почти нет, но мы это исправим. Перед летом пойдём вешать таблички с призывом «не мусорить», а также убирать то, что люди накидали за зиму. ⠀ Публикование фото-результатов в социальные сети может очень мотивировать многих людей к уборке мусора на природе. Отличный челлендж! ⠀ Join the challenge #trashtag, photo from the cleaning 09/09/18. There are no pictures from one particular place “before and after”, but we will change this, when the snow melts. ⠀ Publishing photos of the results in social networks can motivate many people to scavenge in nature. Great Challenge!

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This is one challenge we hope stays popular for a long, long time. Have you accepted the challenge yet?

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