Netizens Poke Fun At The #10YearChallenge, Come Up With Hilarious Jokes & Memes

The internet has been bitten by the #10YearChallenge bug. It started with people uploading side-by-side images of themselves in 2009 vs. 2019. It went by many names like #GlowUpChallenge and #HowHardDidAgingHitYouChallenge. Then, celebrities caught the fever and proved that they hadn’t aged at all.

Many people were speculating that the whole challenge might be a ploy to train facial recognition software. But that didn’t stop the rest from having a bit of fun. Netizens gave it an exciting twist by trolling their relationship status and financial woes. Even Bollywood celebrities weren’t spared.

Here are the funniest ones we found

  1. Legit

2. Successfully stopped the process of ageing

3. Relatable


5. Spot the difference

6. Then vs. Now

7. Sigh

8. Some things never change

9. Constant

10. The state of our social media feed right now

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11. Exactly

12. This is gold

13. *Facepalm*

14. 100% True

15. 2009 vs. 2019

16. For better or for worse?

17. Emotional edition

What do you guys think about this viral challenge – still loving it or had enough?