Everyone’s Taking The #10YearChallenge Comparing Photos From 2009 vs. 2019

A lot can happen in 10 days. Governments can fall, fates can change and the photo of an egg can become the most liked Instagram post. So it’s logical to assume that the changes in 10 years would be far more significant, right? Well, maybe not.

Internet’s new viral challenge that has netizens posting photos of 2009 and 2019 side by side proves that some things never change. They only refine with age. Many celebrities have joined in and shared their comparison pictures. And I think they’ve successfully halted the process of ageing. There are a lot of people who uploaded pictures of pets and of course, there were some funny ones in the mix too. Have a look.

  1. Ellen being cheeky, nothing’s changed.

2. She is ageing in reverse.

3. 50-year challenge!

4. Where is the difference?

5. Whoa


7. Ageing like wine

8. Age is just a number. Hence proved


9. Stella is as adorable as ever

10. Pink is definitely her colour

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11. Then vs. now

12. Makeup guru and founder of Huda Beauty also took the challenge

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Damn, that glow up #10yearchallenge

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13. Any Stallone fans in the house?

14. The Sprouse twins

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The only #10yearchallenge that matters 😍

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15. My favourite change

16. Change is good

17. Love this

As with anything that takes over the internet, there were some people who were unimpressed by the #10YearChallenge. Their argument is that we haven’t changed all that much, only the filters are getting better. Also, there’s makeup and plenty of other beauty products out there.

Do you guys agree with the nay-sayers? Or would you like to participate as well?

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