Sonu Sood Shares Proof After People Online Call His Philanthropic Work A ‘PR Stunt’


There are two sides to every coin. So, while we’ve seen social media bring about a positive change in society, we’ve seen the ugly side of it too. Recently, a few people online questioned Sonu Sood’s charity work during the pandemic, calling it just a PR gig by his team, reports Mumbai Mirror. The ‘Dabangg’ actor, who has helped several people during these testing times, responded to one such comment and shared proof of his hard work too.


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About last night !!!! Diwali celebrations 🎉 🧥styled by : @nerobyshaifaliandsatya 📷: @vedish_naidu

A post shared by Sonu Sood (@sonu_sood) on Oct 27, 2019 at 11:02pm PDT

It all began when a twitter user named Snehal Misal asked Sonu to help her seriously ill-son. However, as Sonu promptly offered his help to the woman, people reportedly found something fishy about the situation. People online quickly pointed out that the account was just created in October, and the user had only 2-3 followers, reports News18.

Many questioned how the actor found the account since he was not tagged in the post.

Responding to such tweets, Sonu shared a snap of excel sheets and other documents showing a list of people he offered aid.

Many people came out in Sonu’s support, applauding him for his efforts during these difficult times.

Well, while it’s okay to ask questions, it’s certainly unfair to dismiss someone’s hard work altogether. What do you think about the incident? Tell us.

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