After Delhi, Junta Supports Agra’s 90-YO ‘Kanji Vada’ Seller Who Is Struggling To Make Ends Meet


In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about a positive change in society. For instance, when the video of Pune’s 85-year-old ‘Warrior Aaji’ was widely shared online, actor Sonu Sood set up a ‘Martial Arts School’ for the talented woman. Recently, people around the nation flocked together to help an elderly couple after a clip of them struggling to make ends meet went viral.

So as ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ was flooded with customers within a few hours, many people started sharing posts about other local businesses that need our help and support during these testing times. After all, there are so many other ‘baba ka dhabas’ around us that could use our help. Like, a food blogger shared a video of a 90-year-old man in her vicinity who has been selling ‘kanji badas’ for a living for almost 40 years. However, because of the pandemic, he has started losing customers.


Urging people to support local businesses around them, the blogger shared details about the hardworking elderly man. 

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My kanji bada wale uncle 😁 He has been selling kanji badas for almost 40 years and as of today, he is 90 years old. Because of this pandemic he gets to earn only ₹250-₹300 in a day. His stall is in professors colony, Kamla nagar, Agra, near desire Bakery. I’ve been here earlier also and I hope you guys also come here, eat and help him as much as you can. You’ll find him here everyday, from 5:30pm. Also, if you know such places in Agra, DM me. I will try to meet and help them all and will tell everyone about them. All of us should help those in need. Start from your own area, your city and then see how it all changes and let’s try to highlight every story we are able to. #vocalforlocal #vocal #old #viral #supportlocal #foodvideo #viralvideos

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The blogger’s efforts paid off as many people visited the elderly man for a delicious treat. In fact, actor Parineeti Chopra also shared her post. 


Many people online not only shared the woman’s post but also shared details about other local businesses around them that need just a little help and support. 

So, while such inspiring tales restore our faith in humanity, there are several others around us who could use our help during these testing times. From vegetable sellers to street food vendors, several small-scale businesses need our support to get back on their feet amid the pandemic. I am going to do my bit to help local stores around me as every little contribution counts! How about you? Tell us!

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