Moved By Picture Of A Homeless Mother & Kids, Sonu Sood Promises Them A Home

During these testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic,  Sonu Sood has stepped up to help the needy on multiple occasions. From arranging buses and meal kits for stranded migrants to opening a call center with a helpline number for them,  he has won all our hearts by now. Touched by his generosity, a migrant couple even named their baby boy after him when the actor helped them reach home during the lockdown.

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The actor seems to be in no mood to stop, as he recently took to Twitter to announce that he would be providing a home to a family who has been living on the footpath for almost a month now.

It started with a Twitter user posting a picture of a woman with her two little boys lying on the road. He explained that after her husband’s demise, she was asked by the landlord to vacate her rented apartment in Pune. The family had nowhere to go and were forced to live on the street since then. He also mentioned that they haven’t eaten in a long time as well. Check out the tweet here:-

In the tweet, he tagged Sonu Sood and requested him to help. He also pointed out that they haven’t received any aid from the local government yet.

The tweet caught Sonu Sood’s attention and he assured that the family would have a roof over their heads and the young kids would surely have a place which they could call their home. Here’s his tweet:-

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Twitter lauded his selfless pledge to support the family and showered a lot of love and praise. Here are some of the reactions:-

It is indeed a blessing to have good people like him who are making use of their privilege to help others those less fortunate.

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