Sobhita Dhulipala Called Out For Allegedly Mocking The Hardships Of Delivery Guys Via Her Post

From working outdoors in extreme conditions to being physically assaulted and even being underpaid for putting their sweat and blood into delivering food and other products to customers, being a delivery executive is definitely not an easy job, especially in India.

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You would rarely find people who would happily volunteer to become a full-time delivery agent as several people swear by the fact that it’s not an easy job.

Hence, when Indian actress Sobhita Dhulipala posted a picture sitting on her scooty, wanting to be a delivery boy, people called her out for being insensitive towards the situation of delivery executives in the country.

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People thought that through her tone-deaf statement, she was belittling the hardships of these guys.

People on Twitter also didn’t appreciate her caption:

Do you think people went a little overboard with criticizing her for her remark that seemed harmless and funny to the actor?

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