Woman Tweets About Food Delivery Guy Coming On Foot In Mumbai Heat, Slams Delivery Partner

As temperatures are rising with every passing day, those who are out in the sun, trying to earn their livelihood are the ones suffering the most. Among them are the food delivery guys who have to bear the scorching summer heat to deliver us food while we chill inside our air-conditioned rooms. It’s definitely not an easy job.

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Taking to Twitter, a woman shared that her food was taking longer than usual to deliver only to discover that it was being delivered by a guy on foot in this excruciating Mumbai heat.

She even contacted the customer service of the food delivery app Swiggy telling them to get him to take a cab or an auto-rickshaw as the last 500 meters to her building is exhausting.

She later came to know that her order was picked up by a different guy, on a motorbike and was delivered.

Swiggy also intervened saying that all their delivery partners are required to own a vehicle and go through ethics and safety training.

They assured that they will provide the needed support to the delivery guy.

This is something that shouldn’t happen to anyone. But people online were divided on this incident.

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Pretty common happening.

Earlier, Hyderabadis gifted a bike to a delivery guy who used to deliver on cycle. Glad we have social media bringing such incidents to everyone’s notice.

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