Ranbir Kapoor Called Out Again, This Time For Saying He Tolerates Alia’s Messy Bathroom Habits

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor seems to be on the wrong side of people online these days. The moment he says something about his wife Alia Bhatt, he is flooded with criticism.

The ‘Wake Up Sid’ actor was earlier called out when he said he doesn’t want his daughter Raha to have her mother Alia’s loud and vivacious personality.


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Well, he’s yet again in soup after he gave another interview and spoke about an annoying habit of Alia’s that he tolerates.

During the interview, the actor was asked what was the one thing that he admires the most about Alia and one thing that he tolerates.

Responding to the question, the actor said, “What I admire is her ability to express whatever she’s feeling, very clearly, so that the other person knows.”

“One which I tolerate would be, not sometimes, her bathroom habits of throwing the towel somewhere and her makeup remover somewhere. I have OCD, so whenever she comes out of the bathroom, I can see a total mess. So that’s what I tolerate about her.”


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After the interview went live, people got hold of an article based on it titled, ‘Ranbir Kapoor says wife Alia Bhatt has bad bathroom habits: ‘When she comes out. I can see a total mess’.

Then, screengrabs of it were shared online with people saying that Ranbir is a typical 40-year-old desi uncle who keeps cribbing about his wife and shows her in a bad light in every interview.

Take a look at the reactions online:

However, after going through the entire interview, some came in Ranbir’s support and said there wasn’t anything wrong with what he said.

You can watch the full interview here:

The internet clearly is divided on this one. What do you think? Did he really cross a line?

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