‘She’s Vivacious’ Ranbir Slammed For Saying He Doesn’t Want Raha To Have Alia’s Personality

Bollywood actors Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have their hands full with raising a daughter they named Raha and promoting their upcoming movies.

Since Ranbir has been on the go spreading the word and giving media interviews for his film, people got a chance to talk to the actor about his daughter who hasn’t been introduced to the world yet.


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When the new daddy was asked who he wants his daughter Raha to look like when she grows up, Ranbir chose mommy Alia Bhatt. However, when questioned about who he wants his daughter to be like when she grows up, he responded, ‘not Alia’.

“I told Alia I hope [Raha] looks like you. She’ll be a nicer-looking person if she looks like you. I just hope she has my personality and not your personality because I can’t have two.”

Justifying his statement, the ‘Brahmastra’ actor said that Alia has a very loud personality, talks and that she’s vivacious, reported Hindustan Times.

“Two girls at home like this would be quite a daunting task for me. I hope Raha is a bit more quiet and demure like me so then we both can handle Alia.”


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This is what Ranbir wants for his daughter because apparently, he can’t handle two women with the same characteristics. However, him wanting his daughter to not have her mom Alia Bhatt’s personality made people uncomfortable online.

Some said it’s typical Indian uncle behaviour of mocking your wife. This is how they reacted to his statement:

Ranbir was also slammed earlier when he made a statement about Alia Bhatt’s baby bump. Looks like whatever he says about his wife, it seems to irk people online.

What do you have to say about this statement of Ranbir?

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