Desi Twitter Recalls Horror Stories Parents Used To Tell Them To Discipline Them As Kids


A typical Desi household upbringing is truly like no other- for better or for worse. Whether it is recalling what it’s like to be sick in an Indian home (for example, if you laugh while being sick, your no longer sick), or just the other various pressures our parents put on us regarding our career and marriage, we have to admit we’ve been through quite a bit.

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In a new Twitter thread, a user named Omar Bazza asks tweeple about the several horror stories our parents resorted to telling us in our childhood in a bid to get us to do something (or not do something). He also hinted at how that might’ve, in turn, made us more anxious about doing different things in life if we’re still carrying the same fear in our minds. Check out the tweet here:-

People recalled the various monster and accident stories their parents had created for them:-

Soon enough, it dawned on some people that their parents had unknowingly ended up instilling anxiety and guilt trips instead:-

Nobody can deny how much our parents have done and sacrificed for us. but it is important to also recognize if there are any childhood stressors we’re carrying forward and realize the change that is required to overcome those faulty, anxious feelings embedded within us.

Do you have any similar instances or stories of your own that you would like to share? Tell us!

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