‘My Plans Vs 2020’ Trends As People Share Their Expectations Vs Reality During The Pandemic

2020 has been quite disappointing till now and nothing’s working out as per plans. This year I was supposed to tick ‘go to Goa with BFFs’ off my bucket list, but all I am doing is cooking inedible food and doing chores round the clock! And like me, there are many who had planned great things for this year. But the fact remains that we can’t really do much about it apart from quarantining ourselves and staying safe. So, it’s better that we laugh our sorrows away.

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Since coronavirus has made our life unpredictable, people online have been sharing their disappointment with funny memes. ‘My Plans vs 2020’ soon started trending online as people shared what they had planned to do this year vs what they are ultimately doing.

Take a look:

It’s these memes and jokes that are keeping us sane in this chaotic scenario. Our situation reminds me of the trending Bollywood song, “Sochta hoon ki wo kitne masoom thay, kya se kya ho gaye dekhte-dekhte.”