Shark Tank’s Namita Thapar Says Working Long Hours, No Time For Family Not ‘Badge Of Honour’

A lot has been said about our country’s toxic work culture. In general, we tend to glorify long working hours, not getting enough sleep, not having time for our families, and not having a work-life balance. An employee who spends late nights at office is given promotions and a raise as compared to those who wrap up their work quickly and head home.

Often company heads put too much pressure on the employees and expect them to work through blood, sweat and tears, making them feel guilty for taking a leave. Some even work through weekends and their private lives go for a toss. This needs to stop.

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A former Shark Tank judge and the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Namita Thapar took to Twitter to say that working long hours and having no time for family is not a “badge of honour”.

She urged companies to “fix” work-life balance for a more “productive” generation, reported Moneycontrol.

“Stop wearing ‘ I work long hours, I travel a lot, I have no time for family’ as a badge of honour, let’s fix work life balance at all companies so we have a mentally fit & more productive generation next that get quality time & involvement from both parents,” she tweeted.

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While many people agreed, some highlighted how certain companies have clauses which demand the employee to work long hours and failing to do so would cause them to lose their jobs. Change has to be made from the grassroots level of a company.

Do you agree with what Namita Thapar has to say?

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