A Twitter User Called Out India’s Toxic Work Culture & Shared How It Affected Him Mentally

Every working space has a different working environment and no matter if it’s Bollywood or your glass-walled five-storied office, some of them can have a toxic culture taking a toll on the physical and mental health of their employees.

But sadly, having 7-hour-long zoom calls and working 15 hours a day is glorified in India by some in the name of productivity and dedication. Not to forget the lauds and awards one gets for working way past their working hours.

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Calling out this deep-rooted problematic way of working is a Twitter user Abhishek Srivastava who thinks that everyone has accepted this as breathing air.

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In a thread of tweets, Srivastava asked for ways to normalize working within 8 hours strictly.

He rightly pointed out how us giving all our time and energy to our work will never let us have a work-life balance.

Also, those saying, ‘work hard now and relax later’, please, take a break!

Yes, we might earn some good bucks but it sure comes for a cost.

Srivastava was also among those people who had this urge to do things at a faster pace than others but that pushed him towards chronic depression. Sharing about his experience, he penned:

The insensitivity of his bosses brought him to his saturation point.

There were times when his anger would go out of control and he would become pesky and mean to some.

Working late and ruining your mental health> getting out of control> becoming a liability to the company; you get into this toxic vicious circle by working yourself up.

His episode made him realize that all of us are in this rat race that is taking a toll on us in every way possible. He concluded his thread by pleading to get away with this damaging culture.

Clearly, no one gives a damn about the employee when things go South even if he works his eyes out for the company. Everyone is dispensable. So is it really worth exhausting yourself for that little raise and a lot of trauma?

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