Guy Shares How He Was Asked To Work Way Past Office Hours, Desis Share Similar Stories

In the past, we have talked about India’s toxic work culture and how over-working is associated with hard work and is often lauded. And TBH, ever since the world started working remotely, the line between personal and professional lives has been blurred.

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However, finally, people have started setting boundaries in their professional life and saying no to working after hours. Taking to Twitter, Joey.N.U. shared screenshots from his office WhatsApp group where they were asked to work on something at 10 pm.

Despite one of his colleagues clarifying that they would work on the task in the morning, someone is seen pushing them to do it immediately. From their chat, it doesn’t seem that the work is very important.

“Simply needs to be shared. Nothing major.”

When Joey stated that it’s 10 in the night and that they would work on the task first thing in the morning, the person seems irritated and probably ended up completing the ‘simple’ task themself.

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We’re glad that Joey and his colleague decided to put their foot down and denied working way past their working hours. But this conversation sheds light on the poor work culture in India and how employers should refrain from contacting employees after office hours for any kind of office work.

It also gave others the courage to share similar instances that happened to them.

From clients to employers and colleagues, everyone should understand the importance of having a work-life balance. It helps everyone and who doesn’t like to stay away from their laptops and give themselves a little break?

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