Desis React With Sarcasm After Entrepreneur Says He Could Work 26 Hrs As He Loves The ‘Grind’

Didn’t we earlier tell you that in India we romanticize toxic work culture? Well, here is another person saying that he could work hours on end because he just ‘loves the grind’.

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Raj Shamani, who is the founder of an entrepreneurship podcast named ‘Figuring Out’ recently took to Twitter and penned that if there were 25 hours a day, he’d still want to work 26 hours.

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While he is just expressing his personal opinion, his tweet has the power to influence (considering his significant social media following) many others to work 24×7 even if it means burning themselves out and saying goodbye to a work-life balance.

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There were many who didn’t quite agree with him and called his view “toxic”. Some others responded with sarcastic comments. Have a look:

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While this might work for him, not everyone can afford to lose their sanity by overworking themselves. What do you have to say about his personal statements?

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