25-Year-Old Made To Work 15 Hours A Day Sparks Discussion On Toxic Work Culture In India

Work-life balance is very, very important because we’re replaceable at our jobs but not in our personal life. It is also necessary for our own mental health. But maintaining this balance is easier said than done when we’re working 15 hours a day and sometimes even on weekends.

Recently, a 25-year-old IT pre-sales employee sparked a discussion on toxic work culture in India by talking about how his company made him work long hours including meetings that ran till midnight and how it was making him burn out.

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Toxic work culture in India from india

Redditors tried to pinpoint the reason behind this culture (replaceability and job insecurity) and also noted some ways to move forward from it like overtime pay.

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Following our ambitions, hustling to achieve our dreams, and shining at work is all well and good but not when it comes at the cost of self-care, don’t you think?

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