Mohammad Kaif Was Trolled Because He Was PLAYING CHESS With His Son. Seriously Now?

Last week, Irfan Pathan was trolled for a posting a picture with his wife on social media. Why was he trolled? Because his wife’s arms were bare and she had put nail polish. But, Irfan’s mature reply shot down these so-called ‘protectors of culture’.

It’s not a first time that a cricketer or his family has been shamed, just because they choose to live their life the way they want to. Case in point, Mohammed Shami’s wife wore a gown and they were trashed for it. Mohammad Kaif was trolled for doing Surya Namaskar because apparently, it’s un-Islamic. My question is who decides this? And who has the authority to question a person’s way of living?

Haters have time and again been shut by them but to no avail. Because the haters are back and their reason for trolling is outrageously bizarre!

Former cricketer, Mohammad Kaif posted this innocent picture with his son. They were playing a game of Chess. Little did Kaif know that his picture would create such a furore on the Internet.



Mohammad Kaif’s picture had people flooding his comments dictating and telling him what he should do and what he shouldn’t!

1. So, it begins!


2. Maybe, he would have been a grandmaster!


3. The same tune, again…


4. Another concern all together!


5. It never stops!


However, there’s hope because a lot of people with sane arguments defended Kaif.



2. On point…


3. It’s about being a human!

This needs to stop. What people don’t understand or fail to realise that there is a child involved. Why should he stop doing something as simple as playing because the society thinks it’s morally wrong?

Think logically and responsibly. Because sometimes, it’s words that do the most damage!

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