Irfan Shuts Down The Trolls Who Told Him To Not ‘Let’ His Wife Show Skin With 1 Tweet

A recent incident with Irfan Pathan showed us how trolls can attack someone’s personal life for the most ridiculous reasons and then expect people to oblige to their opinion. If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me give you a little recap.

So, Irfan uploaded this adorable picture of him and his wife.


On which, people made comments like these!

I know, it’s absolute bullsh*t.


So recently, Irfan tweeted the same picture with a kickass caption that clearly shows how much he cares about the trolls.

Well said, Irfan.


Also, he closed it with a statement which shows why he doesn’t feel the need to defend his stance or give any kind of explanation for it.

Irfan does know how to handle these situations like a boss. We have nothing but respect for him! 🙂

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