Mohd. Kaif Silences Haters With 1 Tweet Who Called Him Un-Islamic For Doing Surya-Namaskar

2016 was the year of Twitter trolls. We saw Saif and Kareena getting thrashed for naming their newborn ‘Taimur‘, Irfan Pathan getting backlash for naming his son ‘Imran‘ and Mohammad Shami got hate reactions for letting his wife wear a gown. And as the year ended, we saw more hate coming from religious fanatics on Twitter. The newest victim of these Twitter trolls is Indian cricketer, Mohammad Kaif.

Cricketer Mohammad Kaif posted pictures of himself doing Surya Namaskar, a kind of Yoga that comprises of a series of exercises to retain fitness levels on Twitter. 


As soon as Kaif posted the pictures, the self-proclaimed ‘religious know-alls’ came running to thrash him on his ‘Un-Islamic’ exercise routine.  

1. Apparently, doing exercise is against Islam


Kaif slammed the troll with a fitting reply.


2. How dare he care about his fitness?


3. Because that makes total sense


4. The hate comments just didn’t stop coming


5. Because he was doing this exercise under the fear of some ‘dictator’


And it took one Tweet from Kaif to silence all the haters.

Maybe access to education is more important than access to the internet.

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