Lucknow Man Drives Up In A Car To Steal Houseplant, Fumbles Hilariously, Twitter Reacts

We have come across many stories of lousy thieves and their hilarious attempts at stealing. Whether it was the thief who dropped a shelf on himself while stealing mobile phones or the robber struggling to steal a television larger than him, these videos show how people often end up trolling themselves.

In a rather absurd incident, a man in Lucknow’s Indira Nagar is seen robbing a plant from someone’s home, reports News18. He was caught red-handed on a CCTV camera installed there. Check out the video here:-

In the clip, the man initially tries to be cautious as he walks and looks around to see if anyone is there. Once he is aware of the absence of people nearby, he tries to pick up the large potted plant with his hands. However, the plant appears to be too heavy for him owing to its size, and he is seen struggling to keep his grip on it.

Soon, we can see someone in the house who steps outside. But the thief manages to put the plant away in the boot of his car and finally drives off.

The CCTV footage since then went viral on social media and garnered some humorous responses from people.

Here is what Twitter had to say:-

It is high time that people stop stealing things and stay safe at home during the current pandemic.

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