Woman Claims Joint Family Is The ‘Most Hostile Environment’ For Kids, Sparks Debate Online

The idea of the close-knit desi joint family has been perpetuated so rampantly throughout generations that many consider it a blessing to live in one. But the ones who have actually lived in such a set-up can vouch for the fact that it is not easy and it comes with its own set of difficulties.

You will regularly hear of family disputes from joint families as it is normal for problems to arise when so many small families are living in one big house. There will be competitional, trauma, insecurities – all of it.

One woman named Muniba Hasan took to Twitter to claim that the joint family system is the “most hostile environment” which parents can provide for their children. She added that children in joint families will then be growing up with trauma after having experienced “petty family feuds” and “unnecessary criticism”.

There were many who supported her argument and claimed that it can often take a toll on their kids’ mental health. They further urged couples to be financially independent enough to live on their own in a nuclear family setup.

On the other hand, there were also people who supported the joint family setup and highlighted that just like every other thing, living in a joint family does have its pros and cons.

It is not the joint family setup as a whole that can be toxic. But it is the people living in it. A child can be extremely happy living in a big fat family. The same child can be extremely unhappy living in a nuclear family that has one toxic member.

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