Desis Share Weird Ways Of Disposing Used Condoms If One Is Living In A Joint Family

There are several advantages (and a couple of disadvantages) of living in a joint family setup. While every festival looks like a grand celebration without the attendance of anyone else, getting uninterrupted private time is also a luxury.

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But this guy was curious to know what couples do with used condoms. And since he felt weird asking his cousins living in a big family, he decided to ask desis online.

How/where do married couples dispose their used condoms in a joint family home? from india

While some gave their funny takes on it, others shared some really helpful tips to dispose used condoms if you are living in a joint family setup.

The funny responses left us ROFL:

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Balloon ideas.

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On a serious note, this is what can be done:

Well, we hope iss user ki chull shaant ho gai. LOL!

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