Twitter Reacts To Video Of ‘Chocolate Ice-Cream Idlis’ & ‘Biscuit Dosa’ Topped With Syrup


I am a complete foodie. So, basically the idea of stuffing my face with food excites me more than anything. While I love trying fusion dishes, there are certain food combinations that are just not meant to be. Like, kiwi on pizza, dal makhani cappuccino or gulab jamun pav. I mean, does the world really need these bizarre food trends? Of course, NO!

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And, when it comes to fusion dishes from different cuisines, South Indian food is hands down my favorite. Like, have you tried the pizza dosa or pav bhaji dosa or noodles dosa? They are simply oh-so-delicious.

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Dosa, that is often called the Indian crepe or pancake, is a very versatile dish. It pairs well with a lot of things. However, someone has taken this savory goodness and made a sweet dish out of it. Yes, you heard yes right. A Bengaluru street vendor is selling dosas filled with ice-cream instead of the regular vegetable filling, reports Indian Express.

Have a look at the video of this innovative dish shared by business tycoon Anand Mahindra:

The street vendor also sells ice-cream idlis. He serves hot dosas and idlis along with scoops of ice-cream topped with a generous amount of chocolate syrup. The vendor smartly gave a sweet twist to the popular South-Indian dish.

Some people loved the vendor’s innovative approach to the South Indian dishes and said they’ll definitely give it a try it. They even compared it to crêpes and waffles and applauded the food-stall owner’s entrepreneurship and creativity.

Have a look at the tweets appreciating the fusion dish:

Many people were not that thrilled about the unusual combination as some comfort foods taste better the traditional way:

As a dosa lover, I don’t think I’ll try this ever. How about you? Will you have the ice-cream dosa? Let us know in the comments below.

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